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The begining of Journey

Gede Prama was born in 1963 in the mountainous village of Tajun, located in North Bali, Indonesia. He attained his formal higher education in the Faculty of Economics at Udayana Unviersity, Bali, then pursued his master degree in the capital city, Jakarta at Prasetya Mulia University. Subsequently, he was granted a scholarship by the British Council to pursue his second master studies abroad. He earned a Master of Arts in Human Behavioral Science from Lancaster University, England, and participated in a top management course at INSEAD Fontainebleau, France, both undertaken in 1993.

Prama’s passion for writing dates back to his teenage years. Within 20 years he has authored and published over a hundred books and numerous articles both in Indonesian language and English. His literary works have been featured in prominent Indonesian media outlets such as Kompas, Media Indonesia, and Metro TV. His prowess in writing was recognized among Indonesian linguist.

From a CEO of a huge corporate to a prominent Motivational Speaker

Throughout his professional journey, Prama held various roles: as an academic lecturer in the MBA School of Management, Prasetiya Mulya University (1990-1993), worked for national corporation PT Air Mancur Solo, first as a member of the Board of Commissioners and later as the Director of Human Resources. At the pinnacle of his career, he assumed the role of CEO (President Director) of a huge corporate PT Air Mancur until 2002.  In 1996 Gede Prama was recognized as a distinguished young businessman and was featured in the 1996 International Who’s Who of Professionals, earning an honorary member.


Gede Prama was recognized as one of the 10 top motivational speakers in Indonesia in 2016.

While holding a top position within a corporate organization, Prama conducted additional talk sessions throughout Indonesia and neighbouring nations. His speeches and early written works primarily promoted the philosophical practice of self-reflection within the enterprises world. Prama’s first published books, written in the Indonesian language, Leadership Practices Based on Water: Reflections on Business Leadership (1997) and “Leading with Heart: A Reflection from the Indonesian Management Recipe in search for True Leaders” (2001), have been widely recognized as recommended reading at national and international universities.

My ‘religion’ is Love

As more articles were written, more books were published, Gede Prama’s philosophical reflections have been widely disseminated through various platforms. In addition to conventional media such as newspapers and magazines, his perspectives have reached a broader audience through interactive talk shows and social media and YouTube channels. For instance, in front of a bank corporate he delivered a speech on “the quality of life lies upon the thoughts and compassion“,  or on a national pop magazine,  “My ‘religion’ is Love” and many others. Obviously In 2016, Prama was recognized as one of Indonesia’s most referred speakers, a nomination that came from Tahupedia and Young-on-Top.

My ‘religion’ is Love

Following his contemplations on the Bali bombing tragedy in 2002, Prama has increasingly been invited to share his insights on peace and spirituality. Many of his motivational talks have left a lasting inspiration, such as those aired regularly on BaliTV in Indonesian language titled “Reflections of Gede Prama”, then on the channel Gede Prama & Telkomsel the Guruji  made 20 series of clips about conversation with nature, and path to spirituality & inner peace, while on the Buddhist Channel he brought up theme on “Keeping the Good Heart“. Similarly, the Guruji made his speeches on peace on media  “Desain Kehidupan”  and on Team of Compassion channel, which. Among his busy schedule, Prama’s writings in promoting inner peace extend to his role as a columnist for indonesian SWA magazine, which he wrote about “Compassion Heals, “Gates of Happiness”, “The Most Beautiful Gift”, and more.  



Prama’s motivational books in Indonesian language

Guruji Gede Prama has authored more than a hundred articles and books.
In his early writings, the targeted readers were mainly those interested in corporate and management consultancy. In recent years, he has shifted his focus in his writing towards philosophical thoughts, spirituality, soul healing, and the idea of inner peace.

Take a look some of his meditation and motivational books!


Prama’s English books

With an increasing number of global readers finding inspiration in his books, several of his subsequent works are currently being published in English, while many more are in the making.

For beautiful souls:



One who understands water, understand life. (Gede Prama)



Thankfulness helps you to be well connected. (Gede Prama)



Grow deep till you see darkness and light are one. (Gede Prama)

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