Bell of Peace

Bell of Peace is a non-profit spiritual organization that was established in 2017 in Bali, Indonesia, by Guruji Gede Prama. It focuses on hosting meditation programs and spearheading social and environmental initiatives. The organization is entirely managed by volunteers, known as the “Compassion Family.”


Bell of Peace organizes regular guided meditation programs both online and on-site. Typically, these sessions begin with a Dharma Wacana (Dhamma talk) delivered by Guruji Gede Prama. The on-site guided meditation takes place in various locations, determined by the event hosts. Online guided meditation is accessible for free through the Bell of Peace website and its social media platforms.

Social Initiatives

The organization’s mental healing programs encompass a 24-hour toll-free helpline. Notable services include P3A (Service and Care Center for Children with Special Needs), P3B (Service Center and Suicide Prevention), and P3C (Service Center and Divorce Prevention).

Environmental Projects

Bell of Peace is dedicated to the conservation of Bali’s rainforests. An extensive reforestation project was conducted over multiple phases in 2018-2019 on Bukit Sinunggal hill in Bali. The project involved planting new trees, covering more than 20 hectares of previously arid land.

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